Our Services

Kandu was created with stroke survivors, for stroke survivors

Bob B., Stroke Survivor, and Kandu Graduate, and Kathy B., Care Partner, and Kandu Participant

Support Grounded in Clinical Research and Survivor Experience

How it works: Kandu partners with each hospital to integrate into their workflows and establish a referral process. Our clinical navigators work one-on-one with survivors and care partners to identify recovery needs and deliver customized guidance, support, and resources through the Kandu App and virtual stroke community.

Clinical Navigator

Each survivor and/or care partner is partnered with a clinical navigator. Our navigators are licensed clinical social workers and occupational therapists with extensive expertise and training in stroke recovery and care management.
Through direct messages, phone, and video calls, navigators assist patients with needs such as secondary stroke education, infection prevention, social needs, securing medical appointments, managing medication, mental health support, and local resources.

Kandu navigator with headset illustration
Three stroke survivors with devices illustration

Digital App & Community

Kandu’s app provides personalized education, resources, and tools with an intuitive interface where patients learn, accomplish, and connect with other survivors. Each enrollee has customized options that are completed at their own pace.

  • Share information
  • Build relationships
  • Gain emotional support
  • Receive guidance
  • To-do’s for accomplishing and remembering questions 
  • Goal setting 
  • Emergency planning 
  • Asynchronous communication 

Care Partner

Kandu is committed to maximizing the agency of stroke survivors and working with them directly as much as possible. Care partners can be instrumental in their loved one’s rehabilitation and recovery. Often care partners are unprepared for this role and have many questions. Kandu has established a support system specifically designed for care partners. Additionally, they also have full access to our clinical navigators for one-on-one assistance and questions.

Wheelchair-bound survivor with caregiver illustration
Hospital exterior illustration

Hospital Reporting

Kandu’s goal is to improve patient safety, care quality, and increased patient satisfaction. This includes the ability to escalate additional care and mental support back to the participating hospital if needed. Kandu also provides partnering hospitals with customized reports:

  • mRS
  • PHQ- 2/9 
  • GAD-7 
  • PROMIS 10

Stroke Detection Research

We have big goals at Kandu and are conducting groundbreaking research to understand how the body changes before, during, and after stroke. The possibilities are limitless:

  • What if everyone received treatment within an hour of a stroke starting?
  • What if nurses could let patients sleep during their recovery in an ICU?
  • What if families could tell the difference between post stroke fatigue and dehydration after their loved ones return home?